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Quality policy

Quality policy

Approved by the Chairman of the Board

The company “Clever Energy (EUROPE)” carries out the following activities:

Industrial engineering in energy, infrastructure and transport projects

The company’s strategy is aimed at increasing the company’s competitiveness in the markets of Europe, the Baltic countries, Central Asia by increasing management efficiency, ensuring high quality of services, reducing unit costs and using the latest achievements in the field of placing orders at manufacturers and supplying innovative technologies and equipment.

The long-term goal of the company is to make profit through high level of customer service and ensure a stable level of income for the owners and employees of the company.

The company has identified the following priority areas in the development of proposed solutions and services:

implementation of projects and solutions at the professional level;
use of innovative technologies and equipment in the field of electric power industry, integrated into multifunctional solutions;
maintaining the quality of the installed equipment and providing a flexible response to customer requests;
development of long-term relations with the leading producers of the industry;
increase their competitive advantages due to the improvement of the qualification of the company’s employees;
continuous improvement of the quality management system.

The quality policy has been communicated to the company’s employees and is available to all interested parties.